July 17, 2008

Favre Update

The Packers have filed tampering charges against the Minnesota Vikings for illegally communicating with recently-retired future HoF'er and demi-god Brett Favre. Tampering or "tapping up" is the practice, especially common in European soccer (more on that later), contacting a player currently employed by a team with a contract offer on another team. The charges stem from an alleged recent phone conversation between Favre and Vikes O-coordinator Darrell Bevell. These are fairly serious accusations, and NFL commish Roger Goodell has tried to clamp down on these illegal practices since replacing Paul Tagliabue. The San Francisco 49ers were recently punished when they were found guilty of tampering with Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs by losing a 5th-round pick and being forced to swap to the Bears' lower pick in the 3rd, so it's clear that the NFL is serious about cutting down on this unsavory practice.

However, Favre's alleged Vikings contact, Bevell, is a former Packers assistant and remains a close personal friend of Favre, so it seems to me that Bevell was likely talking to Favre about this ongoing national security crisis of Favre's unretirement, perhaps giving him advice, helping him understand the Packers' side of things (since he clearly seems to be unaware of the way front offices work in this league). Additionally, Brad Childress, head coach of the Vikes and pedophile look-alike has recently declared that he is fully confident in the team's current starter Tarvaris Jackson (even if no one else in America is) and is not pursuing any more QBs for next season's squad.

I wouldn't read too much into these accusations, and I'd be shocked if an investigation finds any evidence of wrongdoing on the Vikings' part. This seems to me like it may be a desperation move from a beleaguered front office trying to free itself from the negative attention surrounding the Favre mess, which, if that's a case, is disgraceful on the Packers' part. I was on the side of the team throughout this, but if it turns out they're trying to drag a divisional rival into this to save their own skin, then they're going to lose some serious credibility with me.

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