July 16, 2008

Hello? Anyone There?

Well, here goes nothing...

This post will likely go into the vast annals of internet no man's land, but I figured in order to start this thing off right I should give a little background about myself, the blog, and just what I'm trying to do here.

Name's Moss, _______ Moss. (My mama told me not to give my name to strangers, but you can have the second half). Those of you who know me know my first name and I'd appreciate it if you don't share it, at least until I become the next Will Leitch (without the emo haircut, habit of calling myself "we" and completely unsolicited bashing of The Big Lead).

I've been an avid sports fan for much of my short life (as of this writing I'm going into my 2nd year of college- just which school I go to will surely come up during basketball season) and for the past year or so have been an off-and-on avid reader of numerous sports blogs (but mostly on). I feel by now I've gotten a good idea of what the best blogs are made of and I wanted to give it a shot myself.

I'm an unabashed fan of all Philly sports teams (though I've only recently pledged my allegiance to them as my friends would tell you) but am by no means a homer. You won't get any Bill Simmons-ing from me, no sir. I've always been one to look with a critical eye at any team, even my own, but I figured I'd give you my rooting interests up front, you know, for full disclosure and all.

Aside from my interest in football (both the American and European varieties), basketball (NCAA and NBA) and baseball, I'm a fairly close follower of politics both domestically and internationally, so to all you political apathetics out there- here's your warning. If I'm particularly compelled by an issue of politics I will likely post an opinion on it (you know, because I like hearing the sound of my own voice- who doesn't?).

I'm well aware that my layout is pretty boring (and probably pretty ugly to some of you), and though I've seen blogs succeed without fancy-schmancy color schemes and graphics, I'd like to learn some basic HTML so I can dress my "brilliant prose" in nicer clothing. I'm sure you'll find out more and more about me as this blog evolves, but here's a little bit to give you an idea.

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